Advice for purchasing and managing forests in Romania

Clément Vandenplas and Ferdinand Terlinden work in Romania in the forestry domain. They speak fluent Romanian and have a perfect command of skills required for buying and managing forests. These skills were acquired in the field when, for 7 years, they bought forest properties and also managed forests that have several thousand hectares.  Afterwards they decided to leave their employer to start their own business.

The main activity of Acacia Poles is the production of acacia poles. Advice for purchasing and managing is complementary. Because in the context of their wood supplies, they are constantly in contact with different people from the Romanian wood industry. They are active at different levels: landowners, loggers, rangers, lumber merchants, silviculture managers. Thanks to this information acquired in the field, Clément and Ferdinand know the forest assets that are for sale.

The acquisition of a forest asset in Romania can sometimes be a long road filled with pitfalls. Indeed, apart from the divergence of expectations on price, in a particular context that is Romania, several elements can complicate the transaction and / or management:


  • Cadastre issues (inconsistencies between field and reality, silviculture maps and cadastre).

  •  Problems in the retrocession procedure (following the confiscation of properties during the communist period, the government returned the lands to the heirs of the former owners).

  • Problems of environmental protection zones, accessibility, floods, fire risks and theft.
  • Problems related to poor assessment of standing timber volumes and qualities (local market knowledge)

  • Problems related to the management plan (= a mandatory document, very binded , issued by the Ministry of Forestry, valid for 10 years, it defines the exploitable volume in each forest parcel).
  • Potential problems in starting forest operations (listed in chronological order): selection of a forest district for forest guarding and tree marking (mandatory), authorizations and permits, selection of loggers, selection of trees buyers for wood, wood traceability system ("SUMAL"), etc.

As everywhere else, but... especially in Romania, it is more than recommended to know the country well before buying a properties. Not to make mistakes that can prove devastating on financial terms and in lost time.


With their experience, Clément and Ferdinand can accompany you:


  •     in the searching for a property that matches your criteria;

  •     in performing due diligence for the purpose of purchasing and / or starting up management operations.