• Ferdinand Terlinden

ACACIA POLES - Acacia poles producer

At ACACIA POLES, you are in direct contact with the producer. We peel peeled and blunt stakes from 1.6 to 4m long for diameters from 6 to 25cm. Acacia (Acacia Robinia) is the solution for your poles.

Durable, ecological and aesthetic - the acacia pole is the perfect choice!

DURABLE - acacia wood is the only European wood that can be used naturally in class 4 (class 4 = subjected to a humidity higher than 20% during long periods, retention or stagnation of water, in contact with the ground or of fresh water) = European Teak durability in the range of 40 to 60 years

ECOLGIC = it grows naturally in Europe and requires no treatment to resist bad weather or insects.

AESTHETIC = yellow-colored wood, it darkens in time. Its fine and very distinct rings give it an unique style.

It is the perfect wood to use when creating a beautiful fence!