Acacia Stakes manufacturer

Debarked and pointed acacia stakes

We deliver directly from our factory.

We are looking for distributors in Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.


The Acacia Stakes Production

Selecting the perfect acacia wood 

We take our acacia wood supply directly from Romanian forests, without intermediary, we select logs to be straight (maximum curve allowed is 2cm per meter), also without mold and/or knots, to produce the best quality acacia poles. To find out more about our acacia supplies, click here.

We process acacia logs in our factory 

The acacia logs are unloaded straight in our deposit. After the  sorting phase, the logs are arranged by size (diameter and length). Thanks to the "Beaver"- a robust and efficient production line machinery - the wood is easily debarked and trimmed, it also makes our poles the same length but with different diameters or made custom based on the order (peeled, pointy, diameter, length,  sanded, sawn, etc.). To know all the advantages of acacia stakes, click here.

Packing and storing

The acacia stakes are sorted by diameter and length and stacked  on pallets. The dimensions of the pallets have been designed in order to optimize their transportation. On each pallet are arranged a fixed number of poles ranging from 50 to 100 depending on their diameter. The pallet number, the number of poles and the diameter and the length of these poles are indicated on each pallet.  We store our acacia wood products in our deposit, where we keep them in optimal storing conditions.

Preparing your order

On each truck, we load 30 m³ of stakes. The number of stakes on pallets which can be loaded onto a truck varies according to the dimensions of the stakes. This can vary between 10 to 26 pallets. It is easier to produce 30 m³ of poles that have different sizes. That is why, when a customer wants a truck with a single dimension of acacia stakes, the production time will be longer.

Our top priority is satisfying our customer needs. That’s why our dynamic team can offer you a fast and effective service, from a simple request to organizing the delivery within the requested time schedule.

We deliver everywhere in Europe

Transportation starts from our acacia poles factory directly to the customer. This avoids additional handling costs. Deliveries are made all over Europe with an entire pallet of poles.

Installing your acacia stakes

Our acacia stakes are designed in a way that makes them very easy to use and install on various land types. They are very sharp, which facilitates the installation process. To find out more about fencing, click here.

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