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Our plantations


trees planted

+ 8000

Participating in the growth of forest areas

For every m3 sold, we are committed to planting 1 tree in Romania on abandoned forest land.

Concretely, we buy land on which we plant young black locust ("pseudo acacia") plants. These are raised in our nursery.

We monitor the growth of our stands and intervene when necessary. In the first years, it is especially important to ensure that the plantations are properly cleared to prevent them from being invaded by unwanted species.

In 20 years, we will be able to harvest the first stands. The acacia grows back from its stump when it is cut. After 3 cuts (60 years), the strains will be exhausted and it will be necessary to replant new plants.

Good for the planet:

Carbon from the atmosphere is stored for 20 years in trees. These trees are then transformed into stakes or planks thatwill only rot in 30-60 years. The carbon capture cycle is therefore 50 years. As each tree planted measures on average 0.5m3 at maturity, this represents ~ 150kg of carbon and therefore 513kg of CO2, i.e. the emission of a car traveling 4,000km (130g / km of consumption on average).

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