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Wood supply

Productions de piquets en robinier

Selecting the perfect acacia wood 

It is estimated that the acacia forests cover nearly 300,000ha in Romania. Given the natural regeneration of acacias,  Romania has a huge source of acacia wood that is highly sustainable.

Local silvicultural standards tend to underestimate the natural growth of forests. In consequence, there is a high density of trees per hectare. For example, it is difficult to find acacias with a diameter greater than 40cm. On the other hand, trees grow more slowly and the wood they produce is very  hard and very resistant.

To learn more about the acacia forests in Romania, click here .

Production de poteaux en robinier

Delivery of acacia logs to our factory

Acacia logs are supplied to us by local loggers. Given our wide range of acacia products, we can use wood of all sizes. We are not limited to certain dimensions; the lengths can be between 2 and 12m and the minimum diameter is 5cm. The only criterion we require of our suppliers is that the timber is straight.

Logging trucks are weighed and unloaded in the log yard of our factory in Teiu, Lapugiu de Jos, Romania. By weighing the trucks, we avoid the unnecessary cost of measuring logs and ensures transparency with regard to our suppliers.



The woods are then matched according to their diameters and lengths. To limit handling, the measured logs are immediately cut to length and categorized. Those with larger diameters are sawn to produce sawn stakes, boards, sleepers, stakes, posts & rails, shingles. Thinner logs are debarked to produce round stakes.

We constantly keep 1,500m3 of unmatched lumber in our warehouse. This makes us less dependent on the vagaries of forestry operations (legal restrictions during certain months of the year, heavy rains, snow, etc.)

Achats de piquets et poteaux en acacia

Acacia wood is an expensive species. Its price is equivalent to that of oak. Limiting losses by maximizing material yields is therefore a key point. This is the reason why we are constantly striving to develop new products.

Example: With poor quality planks, we can produce stakes for a trellis.

Having our own processing tools has several advantages: (i) being flexible and having a rapid production time (ii) being able to add value to a stock which depreciates (for example, sawing round stakes which have been stored too long and have started to split) (iii) not depending on subcontractors.

All products are placed on a pallet and stored in a dry place in a shed while waiting to be transported.

Storage under roof, protected from rain

Vente de piquets en acacia
Vente de poteaux en robinier

We produce around 15 categories of products. As soon as the diameter or the length changes, it is a different product. In total we produce more than 250 different products. We continuously stock 70 trucks under 6,000m² of hangar. Having a dry stock in well ventilated sheds prevents it from blackening. Although once placed, the round stakes will turn black quickly, it is important that at the time of purchase, the customer receives "all yellow" stakes (the color of acacia wood is a yellow brown). 


Vente de piquets en robinier

Loading pallets on trucks

With the exception of large lengths and large diameters, we always load our acacia products on pallets. These are 1.2m high and 1.2m wide. This allows 2 pallets to be loaded on top of each other and 2 next to each other.  Depending on the length of the pallets, we load between 12 and 52 pallets per truck.

On average, we fit 30m³ / 24t in a truck.

Vente de poteaux en acacia

Export to more than 20 countries

We export our products everywhere within a radius of 3,000km. Our main customers are in France, Benelux, Germany , Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We also have recurring customers in Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Poland.

In recent years, we have noticed that the demand for acacia is only increasing. Countries such as Turkey and Russia are also starting to take an interest in it.

Usine de production de piquets en acacia

Transport and delivery

We take care of the transport. The trucks we use weigh are 40t semi-trailers and they do not have a tailgate or forklift. The customer must therefore check the availability of access to the delivery address and handle the unloading.

Usine de production de piquets en robinier


If necessary, we can provide you with fencing installers in your area. To learn more about staking, click here .

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